Monday, January 17, 2011

Unit 2 is a newer lake home that will take your breath away. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 and half baths, a washer and dryer, beautiful lake views, fireplace and log accents. It rents for 1505.00/week.

Unit 3 is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit.
It has 1 double bed, 1 queen bed and a sleeper futon.
Rates: $765.00/week


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

This is a fantastic resort! Each year my family and I travle the 4 hours to stay there for a week, We alway end up staying in Unit 3(cabin), and love it! The owner is veary nice. The to top things off, your staying on the beautiful Ten Mile Lake--which I might add is awesome fishing(All kida of panfish especialy perch, bass, nothers, rockbass...)!

I HIGHLY and TRULY recomend this resort to anyone!

peter said...

okay. I am looking an accommodation & we are three family members. I visit your page & it has awesome information. I have also some accommodation packages offered from Hank Freid but still not final. I am looking such place where i can find out neat, clean accommodation as well

aldrin james said...

All units seem very well maintained. I can see it in the photos that you post. I love the unique design and also the interiors of all cabins. I love those cabins.

Pigeon Forge resorts similiar to Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

Cristiano jack said... Blog
If world was more like Florida, there would be less rich and less poor. The income gap in the Nordic countries is small, very small. Everybody is doing alright, but hardly anybody is very wealthy or very poor. This is actually very good for the middle class and working class, but the upper class suffers in form of big taxes. So, everything’s really a double-edged sword… But still, Florida is great!

Rahul Patel said...

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Rory Van Westen said...

Does a boat slip come with cabin rental?
Also is there a cheaper weekly pet rate?